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Tea & Community, The News from Greenbridge Teahouse, 2022-10-01

Tea Events at Greenbridge Teahouse

Mark your calendars and email us a reservation request for any of the following public Tea Events: Friday, October 28, 2022 Harvest Tea Luncheon a full luncheon includes tea choice, traditional scone with jam and buttery spread, choice of entrée (Teahouse Quiche, Tea Sandwiches, Dare Devil Wrap, or Tomato Crown Salad) with daily greens, choice of side dishes (broccoli salad, applesauce, butternut bisque soup) choice of seasonal desserts ( FALL CHEESE CAKE, PUMPKIN MOUSSE TART) Pick your arrival time between 11am -2 pm and email your reservation request! $23 per person gluten free options available Saturday, October 29, 2022 Halloween Tea Party for all ages A full luncheon with tea choice. tea sandwiches, choice of side dishes (applesauce, butternut bisque soup), a craft from the era of the teahouse, fun with Decorate-a-Cupcake for dessert! Costumes are encouraged! Bats will be flying from the chandeliers! One seating: 11 am, $23 per person gluten free options Wednesday, Nov 23, 2022 In conjunction with the Twinsburg LuminosCity Parade and Holiday Lighting on the Township Square we will be open from 5-8 pm with an A La Carte Menu including Celebration Tea Wassail, Hot Cocoa, Soup, Caraway Toast Points, Cranberry Scones, Dare Devil Wraps and more little items for the festive night! No reservations… just stop in! Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving November 25 and 26, 2022 Gratitude Tea Luncheon A wonderful start to the Christmas season with a focus on Giving-Thanks! Serving 11-2 pm Your choice of seating times includes seasonal items and conversation starters! Menu will be in next newsletter. Request your time by emailing us and we will get right back to you. $23 per person Saturday, December 10. 2022 Christmas Puppet Show with Pot of Tea to share, Decorate a Cupcake $12 per person-one seating only 2 pm. Suday December 11. 2022 Christmas Tea Luncheon Enjoy this lovely Christmas Tea, including new seasonal items, conversation starters…one seating only, 12:30 pm Menu in next month’s newsletter.

Did you know?

Did you know? We offer Organic and Fair-Trade Teas, along with a progressive vegetarian menu. Enjoy light meals, afternoon tea, traditional scones, brunch and relaxing luncheons in our historic venue. Request a table for any of our Tea Events by emailing us at Rotating our menu offerings will add variety, and any time we are open you can reserve Timeless Tea, the classic tea experience, elegantly presented on tiered servers. Be sure to reserve this by name, Timeless Tea, as it takes a special preparation and must be reserved ahead of time ( $32 per person.)

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